Russian Propaganda Vid Shows ‘The Future of Drone Warfare’ [VIDEO]

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Russia has published a propaganda video showing “killer robots” assisting infantry members on the battlefield. The footage – which was released by the Kremlin – appears to demonstrate the capabilities of the country’s latest drone technology, including AI-controlled driverless tanks that aim based on a soldier’s rifle positioning and use onboard weaponry to attack targets.

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Russia’s Advanced Research Foundation (ARF) stated, according to a report by the Daily Mail, that the goal was to create a robot army that is completely controlled by artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms.

While current drones are remotely controlled by military members, the future tech is meant to be fully autonomous. As a result, the AI-controlled military vehicles could target and kill people without a person being involved.

“The evolution of combat robots is on the path of increasing the ability to perform tasks in autonomous mode with a gradual reduction in the role of the operator,” said an ARF spokesperson.

ARF uploaded the video on YouTube, showcasing the capabilities of the technology.

Many militaries are embracing drone technologies as part of the face of modern warfare. However, fully autonomous killing machines are a hotly debated topic, with many experts warning of the potential dangers.

In February, during the largest gathering of scientists in the world, experts warned that autonomous lethal robots are a “grave threat to humanity,” asserting they should be banned.

During the annual American Association for the Advancement of Science meeting in Washington DC, human rights activist and scientists stated that killer robots that could hone in on human targets without a person at the controls represent the “third revolution” in warfare. The first and second are gun powder and nuclear weapons, respectively.