Russian Warship Moving to Same Area Where US Navy Ships Carried Out Syrian Missile Strike

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On Friday, a Russian warship entered the eastern Mediterranean and headed in the direction of two US Navy destroyers, the USS Porter and the USS Ross. The US destroyers had launched 59 cruise missiles into Syria, striking a Syrian airbase, in response to the sarin gas attack that led to the death of more than 80 civilians.


As reported by Fox News, the Russian frigate Admiral Grigorovich RFS-494 crossed through the Bosphorus Strait “a few hours ago” after crossing the Black Sea. The frigate is armed with advanced Kalibr cruise missiles.


The Admiral Grigorovich was reported to be bound for the port of Tartus in Syria as part of a routine voyage. The destination is a logistics base. Prior to today’s event, the frigate went to sea after resupplying in the Russian city of Novorossiisk and participating in a joint exercise with Turkey in the Black Sea.


As reported by The New York Post, the intended duration of the frigate’s presence in the area is dependent on the situation. However, a source said, “it will last more than a month.”


The missile strike in Syria was conducted under the orders of US President Donald Trump, in response to the attack on civilians that involved the use of chemical weapons. The strike is a significant turn from Trump’s original position on Syria, contradicting statements that the U.S. should stay out.

Details regarding whether the military action demonstrates a change in policy regarding Syria has not been provided.

However, as reported by NBC News, former ambassador to Syria, Ryan Crocker, expressed doubts that Trump had a strategy in place, stating, “President Trump has talked the talk … now he’s going to have to walk the walk.”


One of the US destroyers involved in the launch into Syria headed toward an undisclosed location to rearm.