Roofers Working on a House Heard the National Anthem Start Playing Nearby. They Didn’t Take a Knee

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The NFL continues to be in the news, and for all the wrong reasons it seems — lower viewership, fans boycotting games and an NFL commissioner who can’t seem to make up his mind on how to handle the controversy. Well, three roofers could teach some NFL players a lesson or two about respecting the flag and the national anthem.

Three roofers in Waterville, Maine, were photographed stopping their work and standing at attention when they heard the national anthem playing at a nearby high school sporting event.

With their hands over their hearts, the photo quickly went viral with many suggesting that professional athletes should take note on how to conduct yourself when you’re on the job.

“They had no idea anyone even noticed but our community did,” Waterville resident, Shanon Gurski Dixon, said. “Several people had taken pictures of this patriotic act of kindness.”

Dixon told an ABC affiliate station that the men work for a company out of Oakland but were doing an independent job Saturday when she took the photo.

As she posted the image on her Facebook, she added, “Our little city would love to have them recognized.” Well, she got her wish as the image has been shared over 2,300 times, accompanied by thousands of comments thanking the hard-working men.

NFL players kneeling during the playing of the anthem has been news almost every Sunday. President Trump and Vice President Pence have both condemned the act. The NFL was thought to be considering a move to force players to stand during the anthem, but it was later decided that they would not be doing so.

Instead, they announced that they plan to focus on the social issues the players are protesting. Many fans felt stabbed in the back by the league’s decision to take the players’ side over the fans who spend their hard-earned money to buy tickets and support the teams.

The NBA season is slated to begin next week, and many will be watching closely to see if their players will follow the lead of the NFL players and take a knee during the anthem. NBA policy states that players must stand for the anthem. The NFL’s policy, on the other hand, says simply that players must be on the sideline during the anthem. Either way, it’s sure make the news.