Ron Perlman Goes on Epic Rant About What’s Going on in America

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Ron Perlman is a prolific character actor. His voice is on the audio tracks of video games and animated. He’s the man behind the mask in Hell Boy, and Beauty and the Beast. While his visage his more recognizable than his name, Perlman has a devoted following and uses his platform well. And his latest message isn’t hopeful.

I gotta tell ya, after 18 months ‘o this shit i’m pretty sick and tired. Sick and tired of people in high places taking a shit on law & order. Sick and tired of taking a shit on the memory of hundreds of thousands of American men and women who died stamping out Nazism.

Sick and tired of shitting on the memory of men and women about their heads Bashed in on southern bridges, hoses and dogs turned on them, batons turned on them so that we begin begin to act civilly toward one another among all the races.

Sick and tired of cronyism. Sick and tired of corruption. Sick and tired of Pius people not knowing the difference between decency and rape. Sick and tired of people who call themselves patriots not having the foggiest idea of how a democracy should function.

But most of all, I am sick and tired of being a voice in the wilderness; abandoned by our so-called guardians of the constitution who sit by and watch it all burn. Who display cowardice in the face of assault, knowing that all that is sacred is being burned and still do nothing.

I feel weak. I feel nauseous. I feel impotent. I feel betrayed. I feel alone. I feel terrible.

For those who have followed me, you know I have left nothing in the locker room. I have even almost half heartedly but also almost full heartedly suggested I throw myself into the fray, digging as deeply as I could to summon hope and decency. But I didn’t know What I didn’t know.

I didn’t know how desperate we are to all hold onto our tribalism. I didn’t know how easily we could be divided from one another. I didn’t know how much hatred truly existed in the nation I came to love and believe in.

I’m taking a break. I’m going back to my little corner of the world where all I have is poured into family, friends, and the nobility of storytelling that celebrates our commonalities and not our differences. In the words ofJoni Mitchell, if you want me I’ll be in the bar…