Robber Points Gun at Children. Concealed Carry Dad Draws and Puts Him Down.

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Robbing a restaurant full of witnesses usually isn’t the smartest of ideas. Robbing a restaurant in the midwest with gun carrying Americans is more than likely the worst idea imaginable. One simple-minded criminal threw caution to the wind as he attempted to rob a Popeye’s Chicken restaurant before being gun downed by a father who had a concealed carry permit, according to police.

The unnamed criminal was declared dead at the scene. The Texas father was reportedly eating with his family when a masked man carrying a gun entered the restaurant.

The masked man pointed his gun at the employees of the restaurant and demanded they hand over the money. The employees refused, and the man became flustered and set his sights on a family that was sitting in a booth in the restaurant.

The masked man demanded that the father give everything in his wallet. He explained he had spent all of his money on the meal with his children, and he had no money to give. The father asked the criminal if he and his family were able to leave.

He was denied and had a gun pointed at his family. According to San Antonio police Sgt. Roy Miller, the masked man grew angrier by the minute as he had lost control of the situation.

An NBC affiliate station reported that, again, the man demanded the employees hand over all the money in the register, and nobody would get hurt. Once he turned his back to try and get money out of the register, he was shot and killed by the father who had just had a gun pointed at him and his family.

According to ABC News, the robber was killed in the middle of the dining room. Police Capt. Michael Starnes thanked the unnamed father and said he “really saved the day and protected a lot of people.”

Starnes added that the father would not be facing any charges for the shooting.