Robber Begs, Prays to be Free After Store Clerk Locks Him Inside the Store [VIDEO]

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When John Bell, a would-be robber, attempted to get a cellular store employee to open the register, things didn’t go as he planned. The quick-thinking clerk refused Bell’s request and worked her way to the door as other workers and customers exited the space. Once everyone was clear, the employee locked Bell inside the store, effectively trapping him.

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The incident took place at Latino Cellular in Houston on April 17, but security footage of the attempted robbery was just recently released by the authorities since Bell has pleaded guilty to the crime.

In the video, Bell can be seen walking into the store before repeatedly asking the clerk to open the register.

The female employee says “no” multiple times as customers begin to leave the building.

After everyone except Bell is out of the store, the clerk locks the door, the distinct click being clearly audible on the recording.

Bell apparently didn’t realize he had been locked in, making his way to the door and trying to leave the store. Once he assesses what is occurring, he begins to pace through the store.

At one point, Bell pulls a firearm from his waistband and takes aim at the door. He appears to fire at the lock four times but is unable to free himself.

He can be heard saying to himself, “I’m going to jail,” as he continues to pace through the store.

Bell tries throwing himself against the door multiple times, including once with a running start.

When that didn’t work, he goes behind the counter and appears to find a set of keys, becoming increasingly frantic when he isn’t able to unlock the door.

Bell even resorts to begging, clasping his hands together and dropping to his knees while saying, “Please. Please,” to the people standing outside. He even exclaims, “I’m sorry,” but they refuse to unlock the door.

Police officers inevitably arrive on scene and quickly arrest Bell.

As reported by Fox News, Bell was charged with aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon, to which he pleaded guilty and received a 5-year prison sentence.