Road Rage – Motorcyclist Kicks Car. Car Swerves. All Hell Breaks Loose. [VIDEO]

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An unidentified motorcyclist who was shown on video kicking another vehicle and triggering a multi-vehicle crash. The incident took place in June on the 14 Freeway in Santa Clarita. The ensuing wreck injured one motorist after his truck flipped during the chaos and the California Highway Patrol is currently seeking the driver who started the event.

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As reported by the LA Times, the 22-second video captures a motorcyclist kicking a sedan on the driver’s side as it was driving southbound in the carpool lane. The apparent act of road rage leads the vehicle’s driver to swerve left, sideswiping the motorcycle before losing control.

The car then veers right, crossing the double-yellow lines, before making a hard left and striking the concrete barrier. Sparks fly after the collision, and the sedan’s left rear bumper comes loose.

The clip then shows the car bouncing off of the divider, slamming into a white pickup truck. The truck flips, landing on its roof, and slides down the roadway before come to rest in the fast lane. After making a 360-degree spin, the car comes to a stop in the slow lane.

Since the motorcyclist failed to stop, the California Highway Patrol is treating the event as a hit-and-run. Speaking about the incident, Officer Josh Greengard of the highway patrol said, “Obviously it was a road rage incident.” He went on to say, “[The motorcyclist] was seen kicking the vehicle.”

“It looked like a pretty violent video,” said Greengard. “This could’ve been a horrible tragedy.”

While the video shows the sedan swerving into the motorcycle, investigators want to speak with the motorcyclist to determine if anyone should be cited or if an arrest is justified.

Greengard stated, “We need to get the motorcyclist’s side of the story to see what led up to this incident.” He continued, “We’re not sure what happened further back.”

The driver of the pickup truck sustained non-life-threatening injuries during the crash.