Rick Perry Shares Powerful Story of Billionaire Ross Perot’s Heartwarming Journey of Helping a Wounded Vet

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There are some individuals who go through life helping others, never looking for a pat on the back. Often, they don’t want the recognition they deserve. One man, in particular, went above and beyond during his lifetime, never wanting the public to know that he routinely paid wounded veterans’ hospital bills. That man was Ross Perot.

Texas Billionaire Ross Perot passed away on June 9 due to leukemia, but he left an impressive legacy. In an op-ed piece penned by Rick Perry, Trump’s Energy Secretary, he detailed a little known story about Perot.

Perry explained that there was a lesser-known side to Perot that he never publicized — he was a huge advocate routinely helping wounded veterans. One example is Army Cpl. Alan Babin Jr. who was shot in the abdomen while serving a tour in Iraq in 2003.

Babin Jr. faced numerous uphill medical battles after being shot including meningitis and a stroke-induced coma that devastated him neurologically, the Daily Caller reported. He was left wheelchair-bound, which left a mental toll on the wounded vet as well.

Perry was Governor of Texas at the time, and he asked Babin’s mother if she needed any assistance with her son. Rosie Babin explained to Perry that she was concerned about how she would be able to transport her son to the hospital or anywhere else he might need.

Not hesitating, Perry called his good friend Perot to see if he could do anything to help the Babins. The following day, Perot personally called Rosie to tell her they could use his private plane to fly Alan from Austin to Dallas for his appointment.

In addition, Perot told her he had already reserved a hotel for her and Alan to stay in across the street from the hospital. During his stay in the hospital, Rosie had to leave Alan’s side for a couple of hours as her other child was getting ready for her first prom.

Not wanting Alan to be alone, Perot himself went to stay by his bedside. After a three-week hospital visit, the Babins returned home to find a handicapped-equipped conversion van sitting in front of their home, thanks to Perot.

Perry explained Perot was not one for the spotlight in terms of doing good for others. In fact, Perry surmised that if he had told this story when Perot was still alive, he would have surely denied it took place.

The Babins never saw a bill for any of Alan’s medical needs. Perry explained that he decided to tell the story after Perot’s death as he wanted Perot to be recognized. “Everyone should know the quality of the man that our state, our nation, and our wounded veterans have lost,” he said, adding “God Bless Ross Perot.”