Rhino Attacks and Flips Car Multiple Times as if it Were a Tiny Toy [VIDEO]

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We often view animals as subservient to humans, but the fact of the matter is that many animals could easily hurt and kill humans. Humans tend to forget that many animals are wild and untamed, especially animals being viewed on safari tours. A shocking video put this fact on full display after a rhino attacked a car.

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The incident took place at Serengeti Park in Hodenhagen, Germany. The short video showed a 30-year-old rhino named Kusini who become enraged and tossed a safari vehicle around like a ragdoll. Those watching in fear soon realized that an employees of the park was located inside the vehicle.

The zookeeper, who was inside a small hatchback vehicle with zebra strips on it, miraculously escaped the potentially dangerous situation with minor injuries, the Daily Mail reported. The hatchback vehicle was demolished after the rhino flipped it over multiple times, leaving it totaled.

The video is a stern reminder to those who don’t seem to recognize that certain animals demand respect. According to Fabrizio Sepe, the park’s manager, the rhino has been in the park for 18 months and was only allowed to roam around before and after guest hours to mitigate an incident just like the one caught on video.

Sepe and his employees are unclear what set the rhino off on a rampage. Not knowing what to do next, Sepe suggested to located media outlets that the large beast may be best suited for a zoo.

According to Mirror, the rhino is considered “a very valuable animal” as he was brought there to breed. With rhino poaching on the rise, the population has been dwindling to dangerous numbers.

Earlier this year, a group of rhino poachers was illegally hunting in Kruger National Park in South Africa when they startled a group of nearby elephants. Most of the group was able to successfully flee, but one man was stopped to death by the elephants. Then his remains were eaten by a pride of lions.