Retired Police Officer Working as Guard at Bank Shoots and Kills Serial Armed Robber [VIDEO]

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An Illinois bank security guard is being hailed a hero after he shot and killed a serial robber who came in and held patrons of the bank at gunpoint with the intention of robbing them.


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The security guard, Brian Harrison, was going through his normal daily routine at Alpine Bank in Rockford, Illinois. There was nothing out of the ordinary until the armed robber, Laurence Turner, stormed the bank. The robbery was obvious, as Turner came in wearing a ski mask and waving a firearm.

This time Turner’s heist was quickly stopped. As the 34-year-old robber pointed his gun at the back of the bank towards employees, Harrison pulled his gun and shot Turner.


Harrison was concerned that he would be charged for firing his weapon and killing a man, but State Attorney State Attorney Joe Bruscato found that Harrison had acted in self-defense, all thanks to the bank’s security cameras.

The bank’s outside cameras also caught Turner as he got out of his mother’s stolen Hyundai Santa Fe, pulled on his mask on and put his gun in his pants.


Additional camera footage showed Harrison, who is a retired sheriff’s department deputy, shooting Turner in the chest and then the butt as he tried to escape.

This isn’t the first time Turner has committed armed robbery. On November 23 of last year, Turner stole from a jewelry store and two banks in a month and a half timeframe.


The bank Harrison works for commended his heroic efforts and issued the following statement. “[Harrison] acted with courage and quickness to protect our family. You are a hero to each and every one of us.”


If you are dumb enough to rob a bank in the first place, perhaps make sure there isn’t a retired police officer working there as a guard. As long as there is a bad guy with a gun, let’s hope they’ll always be a good guy with a gun to take him out.