Restaurant’s ‘Deconstructed Avocado Toast Bowl’ Draws Ridicule from Twitter Users

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A restaurant is being slammed by Twitter users for offering a dish they refer to as a “deconstructed avocado toast bowl.” Kara Swisher, a journalist and technology expert, posted an image of the menu item on the social media platform, calling out the “hipster” dish that is now in “testing.”

Based on the image, the dish features a variety of ingredients including avocado, egg, tomatoes, and kale.

The post began gathering comments, with many Twitter users mocking the dish and arguing that the restaurant is actually offering a “salad.”

“As a Californian, I want to just slap someone and say, ‘It’s a god d*** salad!’” said Twitter user Matt West.

“Was unaware we’d gotten to the point where Avocado Toast needed to be de-constructed. My bad,” said another commenter, according to a report by the Daily Mail.

“You can’t deconstruct a dish with two ingredients,” said another commenter.

One even questioned, “Where is the bread?” as deconstructed items generally feature all of the ingredients of the original recipe, just presented in a different fashion.

While the restaurant is not identified, Swisher stated that she spotted the item in Venice Beach, California.

Some comments questioned whether the establishment was referring to the dish as a bowl as a means of justifying a higher price point, though the price is not featured in the image.