Ratings Are in for Tim Allen’s Revived Conservative Sitcom ‘Last Man Standing.’ It’s Not Even Close

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When Fox decided to revive Last Man Standing, the show featuring Tim Allen that was canceled by ABC back in 2017, many considered it a risk. While support for the conservative sitcom was obvious, with many of the show’s viewers taking to social media to express their displeasure with the original’s cancelation, there was no guarantee the revival would succeed.

Last Man Standing’s midseason return to television was on January 4. The show came in with a 1.0 rating for the 18-49 crowd when that show aired.

By January 11, the show increased its Friday night dominance in the most coveted viewership demographic, coming in at a rating of 1.2.

According to a report by The Blaze, those ratings stand for 5.66 million and 6.21 million viewers, respectively.

The January 11 episode ratings actually came close to beating the last Season 7 high, which happened on November 9.

While other shows often have more viewers than Last Man Standing, they don’t outdo the sitcom in the 18-49 viewership demographic, which is incredibly attractive to advertisers. This means Fox’s risk is paying off.

When Last Man Standing was canceled by ABC, it wasn’t suffering in the ratings department. In fact, the six-season run was largely deemed a success, leading many to speculate that the show’s conservative viewpoint was the reason behind the network’s decision.

ABC denied that the conservative bent was responsible, instead blaming rescheduling reasons.

When the revival of Last Man Standing was announced, both Fox and Allen were quick to take a shot at ABC. During a commercial, Allen’s character says, “Am I wrong, or is it way better on this network?”

Oddly enough, ABC recently shifted a few sitcoms over to Friday night, and one is in direct competition with Last Man Standing, airing during the same timeslot. Both Fresh off the Boat and Speechless now air on Fridays on ABC. For the January 11 episodes, those shows pulled in a rating of .7 and .5, respectively.