Rashida Tlaib Tells Police Chief only Hire African Americans as Analyst on Facial Recognition Software [VIDEO]

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Democratic Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib has made several controversial remarks since she was elected in 2016. From lashing out at Israel to minimizing 9/11 and its victims, Tlaib has made a name for herself. Her most recent remarks were just as startling when she said facial recognition software needed to be analyzed by African Americans because the software thinks “non-African Americans all look the same.”

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This incident began back in August when Tlaib claimed facial recognition software was “bulls**t,” in a now-infamous tweet. In turn, the congresswoman was invited to Public Safety Headquarters so she could see first hand the benefit it offers to communities, specifically Detriot, the Daily Mail reported.

During her hour-long tour and meeting with Police Chief James Craig, Tlaib dropped a suggestion. “Analysts need to be African Americans, not people that are not,” Tlaib said to Craig, who is black. “I think non-African Americans think African Americans all look the same.”

After the tour while speaking to the local media, she proclaimed African Americans are focused on more than other races when it comes to facial recognition software.

To back up her statement, she used a far-stretched argument. “I’ve seen it even on the House floor: People calling Elijah Cummings ‘John Lewis,’ and John Lewis ‘Elijah Cummings,’ and they’re totally different people,”‘ Tlaib told The Detroit News.

She concluded it by claiming: “I see it all the time, and I love them because they go along with it.” Craig, who seemed upset with her poorly structured argument, said: “I trust people who are trained, regardless of race; regardless of gender. It’s about the training.”

Not willing to give an inch, Tlaib replied: “I know. But it does make a huge difference with the analysts.”

A Detroit News reporter asked Tlaib if she felt that white people were unqualified to work as analysts, the congresswoman said: “No, I think there’s actually been studies out that it’s hard for, you know, like African Americans would identify African Americans, similar, Latino same thing.”

Knowing she was losing the argument, Tlaib began to become flustered. Another reporter asked if African Americans shouldn’t be able to identify white people, which Tlaib stated: “Look it up” before walking away.