Rapper Posts Picture With Stacks of Cash to Instagram. An Hour Later He’s Robbed at Gunpoint.

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Here’s an Instagram pro-tip for you. Stand outside a known landmark in an area besotted by street crime. Take a picture of yourself flashing wads of cash. For bonus points, you can stand in front of a Lamborghini. That’s exactly what rapper “Rich the Kid” did Tuesday. He hoped the image would go viral. And now it has.

“Always in bank mo deposit,” the caption reads. The viral photo is part of a larger story. After flashing the cash, Rich and some of his entourage were robbed at gunpoint. They were outside of a studio where Usher was recording in Hollywood, California.

One assailant fired 10 shots as he fled the scene. Three men had approached them in an alley behind the studio and attacked them.

Police say that one of Rich’s bodyguards was “badly pistol-whipped.” The suspects “made off with a ton of cash and jewelry.”

“I just heard pop, pop, pop,’ Witness Ray Leon told reporters. “There was about six pops. I got down really quick. He was firing and the car sped away.”

While the assault resulted in injuries, no one was shot. The victims were treated at the scene and released.

Los Angeles County Sheriff deputies are handling the investigation. Images show them interviewing the witnesses and the victims, and they block off the streets as they searched for the assailants.

This most recent attack came almost a year after another. He was robbed at his girlfriend’s home by two men who stole jewelry and cash.

Rich fought back, even though the two men were armed. As he did, three others entered the house and Rich was overpowered. That attack left Rich hospitalized.