Rapper Flashes Gun in Music Video. Cops Lock Him Up for 30 Years. [VIDEO]

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It is no secret that the entertainment industry celebrates gun play. Music videos often feature firearms. This story is about one of those. Only this time, the video caught the attention of authorities and the rapper who is holding the gun in the video is now facing 30 years behind bars.

“Deandre Marquis Rogers, 25, who goes by the ‘Lizk’, appeared in the video [for] his song ‘No Air’ brandishing a weapon as he raps about gun violence and feud with a fellow rapper,” Daily Mail reports.

The video appeared on YouTube December 14th of last year. Deputies with the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department gang unit were alerted to the video, and began surveillance of Rogers the next day.

They followed Rogers to a local sushi restaurant in Sacramento. When he had finished, Rogers got into a Mercedes that had been waiting for him outside the restaurant. The deputies pulled over the car and found a GLOCK 21 and a 17 round magazine.

In addition, they found a GLOCK 27 in another vehicle that Rogers had been in.

“Rogers, a known G-Mobb and Starz gang member which has its roots in from Franklin Villa housing complex in south Sacramento, has two 2016 strike convictions,” DM notes. That was enough for the police to watch Rogers after the video appeared.

One of his previous convictions was an assault conviction that involved a firearm. Rogers and a friend shot two rival gang members.

His other conviction was also gang related. Rogers was caught with an illegally concealed gun.

Detective Kenny Shelton told reporters that Rogers was already on their radar, and that the video simply sped up their investigation into his actions.

Despite the appearance of the guns in the video, Rogers claims that the guns are not his. As a felon, though, Rogers was legally forbidden from accessing those guns, even for the purpose of a video.