Rapper Briefly Identifies as Female, Smashes Female Lifting Records. Then Re-identifies as Male

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Zuby, a rapper and Oxford graduate, added fire to the heated debate about transgender athletes. He posted several videos of himself working out in the gym, showcasing himself as he “destroyed” a variety of female weight-lifting records. At the time, Zuby was “identifying as female” as a commentary on biologically male athletes competing in female competitions.

The 32-year-old Southampton, England native claimed that he broke the women’s dead-lift record, set at 238 kg, “without even trying.”

“I keep hearing about how biological men don’t have any physical strength advantage over women in 2019,” said Zuby, according to a report by the Daily Mail. “So watch me DESTROY the British Women’s deadlift record without trying.”

“P.S. I identified as a woman whilst lifting the weight. Don’t be a bigot,” he said, adding a laughing face emoji.

The tweet collected over 1.2 million views and more than 1,400 comments, many of which focused on the debate surrounding transgender athletes.

In follow-up videos, Zuby took on additional records.

“I’ll take the squat and bench press records too while I’m at it… May as well. To fight bigotry,” he stated.

Zuby admitted that the videos “struck a nerve,” particularly since he considers himself a “recreational lifter” and not a professional lifter. However, he also says that the feedback was “98%” positive.

“It was done in a humorous way, but it made it more real: it showed the fallacies of the arguments on the other side,” said Zuby.

“’I have seen people saying there is no inherent biological strength difference between men and women. I posted it being a bit tongue-in-cheek, showing what I think is the obvious absurdity of their argument.”

Female tennis legend Martina Navratilova, 62, while being a supporter of LGBT rights, has often made claims that biologically male athletes “self-identifying” as female is unfair in competitions.

While the nine-time Wimbledon champion has asserted that she is happy to use an individual’s preferred pronouns, she wouldn’t be happy having to compete against them if they have yet to transition fully.