Black Lives Matter Protesters Shut Down a Road. Arizona Cops Took Them to Jail. [VIDEO]

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Four people were arrested Monday, which took the wind out of the sails of a Black Lives Matter protest in Tempe. Protestors took to the streets this morning and shut down Monday morning rush hour traffic.

The protest took place on a bridge that serves as a main artery for Tempe, and was in response to the shooting death of Dalvin Hollins. Hollins was shot and killed by police after an alleged robbery in July. He was found to be unarmed.


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One of those arrested was Reverend Jarrett Maupin–former Mayoral Candidate from Phoenix–who organized the protest. The speed at which the police responded to the disturbance has left many shocked–yet police feel like they gave the protestors ample warning.

Maupin and the rest of those gathered were asked several times to stop blocking traffic. When they refused, arrests were made.


Accounts from the Tempe Police say Hollins had robbed a Walgreens. When confronted, he’d barricaded himself inside a senior care center. Responding officers believed he was armed.


Lt. Ed Ouimette, the officer who shot Hollins, did not have his body camera turned on during the encounter. While the investigation continues, Ouimette is on paid leave. It is unknown when he’ll return to work.


Many of those protesting today, and others opposed to the pace of the investigation, have asked that Ouimette be fired. If not, these critics claim that they’ll put pressure on the city through civil unrest.


The police response to today’s protest, however, will make some of them think twice about ensuring that their civil disobedience stay within the bounds of the law. It would appear that the Tempe Police have no intention of allowing these Black Lives Matter protests to spiral into the chaotic rioting that engulfed Charlotte in the early days of the protests of the Keith Lamont Scott shooting.