Rancher Shows Aftermath of 23 Cows Killed by Lighting Strike [VIDEO]

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The United States is in the middle of a stormy season typically between June and November with tornados and hurricanes prevalent in much of the country. In the wake of Hurricane Dorian, there were several instances of extreme weather. One state saw a bizarre example of this extreme weather which resulted in the death of 23 cows.

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Bobby Woody III, a rancher in Red River County, Texas, posted a video showing 23 of his cows had been killed by lightning. According to the Daily Mail, the cows were standing near a metal fence during a lightning storm. A bolt of lightning struck the metal fence and created a chain reaction of carnage with photos showing the cows’ corpses in his field.

Woody stated that this happened in late August, and it took him days to discover the dead cows because of the intense storms in the area.

The video shows the cows with scorch marks on their stomachs and bloated bodies. Flies can be seen hovering around the dead animals as well.

The cows lay lined up almost in a straight line on their sides, some with their legs extended in the air.

In a Facebook post, Woody claimed it was one of the “wildest and craziest” things he had ever seen in his lifetime. “When the lightning hit, it had such strong voltage, it basically jolted one cow in the middle of the field,” he explained.

These violent storms are not uncommon this time of year especially in Texas. The National Weather Service has reported 25 tornados in the state in September alone.

This comes on the heels of Hurricane Dorian, which pummeled the Bahamas and left over 2,500 people listed as missing. As of now, 5000 people have been displaced from the storm that had winds that exceeded 250 mph.

This video should act as a strong reminder of how powerful and aggressive mother nature truly can be.