Race Car Goes Flying into Stands. 5 Hospitalized [VIDEO]

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As Sophia Floersch, a teenage Formula Three race car driver, came hurtling down the track at 172 mph, she lost control of her vehicle and smashed into a barrier and other drivers, a crash that sent the car flying into the air. Floersch was injured during the accident along with a marshal, two photographers, and another driver.

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The incident took place at the Macau Grand Prix. According to a report by the Daily Mail, Floersch lost control of her car while attempting to round the Lisboa bend, sending the vehicle flying off the track and into the air.

She was in 16th place at the time of the accident.

When Floersch clipped a rail, it sent her car into the back of another vehicle, driven by Jehan Daruvala. Then, she collided with Sho Tsuboi’s car before being flung into the air.

Floersch’s car sailed through a safety fence located along the edge of the track and reached a photographer’s platform.

As the car comes sailing toward the structure, marshals and stewards all ducked, trying to cover themselves.

Floersch suffered a spinal injury during the crash and Tsuboi was taken to the hospital for back pain.

Chan Cha In, a marshal, suffered a fractured jaw along with deep laceration to the face and abrasion to his abdomen.

Chan Weng Wang, a photographer, injuries included a liver laceration. Minami Hiroyuki, another photographer, sustained a concussion.

Floersch tweeted just hours after the horrific crash to let her fans know that she was okay, but that she would be going into surgery.

“Just wanted to let everybody know that I am fine but will be going into Surgery tomorrow morning,” said the tweet. Thanks to the @fia and @hwaag_official @MercedesAMGF1 who are taking great care of me.”

“Thanks to everyone for the Supporting messages,” she added. “Updates soon.”