Queens Guard Knocks the Hell Out of Tourist for Crossing Line in Front of Palace [VIDEO]

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The Queen’s Guard may look like an anachronistic bit of British set dressing, but they have a job to do. This video of a guard at Windsor Castle illustrates that beautifully. When a tourist insists on standing in the man’s way, he ensures that she won’t impede him. And from the look of shock on the woman’s face, she appears to have gotten the message.

“The woman, who had crossed a rope barrier, screamed in shock as she was shoved from behind by the soldier, who was wearing his ceremonial bearskin hat,” The Daily Mail writes.

The woman wasn’t injured. She easily could have been, but she managed–rather athletically–to remain on her feet after the guard shoved her.

“The Queen’s Guard are charged with protecting official royal residences,” DM notes. “They are known for their distinctive uniforms of red tunics and bearskin hats.”

While the guards are a major tourist attraction, they are also infantry soldiers on duty. Many of the tourists who come to see them don’t seem to understand their purpose. Others seem to openly provoke the guards, hoping to make them laugh or break their stoic characters.

If someone gets in their way, though, the guards will shout “Make way for the Queen’s Guard!”

“The Household Division is proud to guard Her Majesty and honored that people come from around the world to watch our ceremonial spectacle,” The Ministry of Defense said.

“The ropes are there to protect both the public and our soldiers; please stay behind them.”

“This is not the first time this year a Queen’s Guard has had to rebuke tourists for careless actions or getting too close. Another of the distinctive-looking soldiers shouted at an over-eager tourist who got too close while moving in for a photo outside the same castle last year,” DM writes.

The guards may seem to be a bit forceful in these encounters, but experts note that there are clear signs that tensions are escalating. Guards will issue loud verbal warnings. They will often stomp their feet. If their warnings are ignored, they will raise their weapons and even make arrests.