PURE JOY: See the Moment a Man Finds His Dog Homeless on the Street After 3 Years Searching [VIDEO]

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The amazing moment where a dog that was missing for three years was able to reunite with his owner was caught on tape. Giorgi Bereziani, 62, discovered that his dog, Jorge, was missing in 2015. Bereziani then spent three years putting up flyers and chasing false leads, until a call this month about a dog matching Jorge’s description changed everything.

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Bereziani received a call from an employee of the Opera and Ballet Theatre of Tbilisi, in the country of Georgia, according to a report by the Daily Mail. The person said they saw a dog that resembled Jorge wandering around on Rustaveli Avenue.

He rushed to the area and decided to film the experience, including the moment he spots Jorge curled up at the base of a tree.

Bereziani can be heard calling Jorge’s name in the video and, not only does the dog respond, he recognizes his long-lost owner and begins to whelp.

As Bereziani approaches Jorge, the dog sniffs him a bit before throwing his front paws up and whimpering, possibly a sign of sheer relief.

During the initial encounter, Bereziani says, “Jorge, is that you?’ Jorge, Jorge, it’s you! Oh, dear boy, how are you, boy?”

The reunited pair soon head to Bereziani’s home, where Jorge is reintroduced to family members, all of whom are thrilled to see Jorge again.

Jorge, similarly excited, couldn’t help but jump all over the people he likely thought he’d never see again.

Where Jorge was during the three years before October 7, the day he was reunited with his owner, isn’t entirely clear. However, the yellow tag on Jorge’s ear indicates that he was picked up by animal control at one point but subsequently deemed harmless. When that occurs, the animals are vaccinated, neutered or spayed, and then released.

There is a high number of stray dogs in Georgia, especially in the capital city. Some reports suggest there may be 50,000 dogs roaming the streets.