Protests Turn Violent: Anti-Trump Protester Shot In Portland Riot [VIDEO]

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Protests against President Elect Donald Trump continue to spread across the country. Many, because of the damage they’ve caused, have been called riots. And now one has ended in gunfire that left one protester wounded.

A Portland rally early Saturday morning ended when protestors were met with gunfire. Authorities are still piecing together information, but it appears that a protestor who got in a physical altercation was shot in the leg.


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Police haven’t identified the protester, though the injury is not believed to be life threatening. The shooter arrived in, and left in a car that had been stopped by the protesters.

Demonstrators had been marching across a bridge shortly before 1 a.m. Saturday.The protesters were blocking traffic. Video shows the car pull up, and the man filming narrates what’s happening. There’s shouting at first, then a man in the car pulls a gun. At that point, protesters scramble, and the car drives on.


Yet it stops, not far ahead. It is unclear if the driver was confronted by other protestors, but this time people exit the car. More shouting is followed by shots–apparently fired into the air. Then the gunman shoots one of the protesters in the leg before jumping back in the car and driving off.

Shawna Hall, a North Plains resident who witnessed the shooting said there was “a bit of pushing” before the shooting started. Hall said the physical confrontation involved a passenger, not the gunman.


A medic in the crowd tended to the man’s wound before he was taken to the hospital.

Micah Rhodes, a Don’t Shoot Portland leader, spoke to demonstrators after the event. “We did our demonstrations today,” he said. “A lot of people are a little bit shaken up because of the situation. A lot of people want to go home. I think that’s probably a good idea to call it a day, to stay safe and to come back another day when we can reconvene and come back stronger and not as defeated.”