Protesters at ICE Facility Pull Down American Flag and Raise Mexican Flag in Its Place [VIDEO]

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On Friday night, a group of protesters gathered outside of an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) facility ahead of the immigration roundups that were reportedly set to occur over the course of the weekend. While the majority of those who arrived were peaceful, one group stormed the barriers, removing an American flag and raising a Mexican flag.

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The incident took place outside of an ICE facility in Aurora, Colorado, according to a report by the Denver Post.

While the majority of the protestors remained on the street and protested peacefully, a relatively small group headed toward the building, hopped the barriers, and pulled down an American flag.

Then, the group raised a Mexican flag in its place.

The Colorado state flag was also taken down. In its place, the protestors raised a defaced American flag upside-down, an orientation that is supposed to be a signal of distress.

A third flag – that featured an anti-law enforcement design – was also raised outside the facility by the group.

Those flags remained in place for a few hours. Once the situation was quelled, police removed the three flags that were put in place by the protesters.

Shortly thereafter, the American flag was back in place outside of the ICE building.