‘Professional’ Photographer Delivers Epic Fail From Family’s Photo-Shoot

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Photoshop isn’t the easiest program to master. There are multiple controls that deliver different results, depending on the raw images you put in. But this seems a bit like a novice mistake. Yet these are the images one so-called professional photographer delivered after one family hired her to do a photo-shoot.

Pam and Dave Zaring posted some of the photos to their Facebook page. The images all have an odd aesthetic, as if the Zarings were actually humanoid robots with poorly defined features.

“We paid a photographer, who claimed to be a professional, $250 for a family photo shoot. Please see these FOR REAL photos she delivered to us,” the Zarings posted to Facebook.

The editing job was, to put it bluntly, botched. It would seem the photographer may have had issues with the lighting on the day of the shoot, and then compounded those issues with her lack of Photoshop skills.

“She said the shadows were really bad on the beautiful, clear, sunny day and that her professor never taught her to retouch photos,” the post claims.

The mention of her professor should have been a dead giveaway that this was not a professional, but someone aspiring to be a professional.

“I literally have not laughed this hard in YEARS,” the post reads. The price for these precious memories? $250.

The dogs seem to have come out fine.

The images appear to come from “IMagery by Lesa Hall.” The business is registered in Missouri.