Student Harshly Punished For Recording Professor’s Anti-Trump Rant During Class [VIDEO]

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Shortly after Donald Trump was elected as the 45th President of The United States, a student at Orange Coast College, California, recorded his anti-Trump human sexuality professor dispairing Trump’s election. Now the student learned his punishment.


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The professor, Olga Perez-Stable Cox, went on a rage-filled rant after Trump was elected. Cox called Trump’s presidency an “act of terrorism” and claimed he was a “white supremacist.”

The Republican student, Caleb O’Neil, who recorded the over-the-top response of his professor was informed that he was suspended for his part in the video.


The college cited the 19-year-old broke the student conduct code by using an “electronic in class” and by using an “unauthorized tape recorder” in class. The college did give him an alternative to being suspended. He could apologize to the school and give a written essay of apology to Cox.


O’Neil held a press conference where he informed the press that he plans to fight the suspension. “I pulled my phone out to record it because I was honestly scared that it would affect my grades because she knew I was a Trump supporter.”


The 66-year-old professor has argued that the video has pushed her and her family’s personal life into the limelight. “My privacy has been demolished. And that’s awful. I’m a very private person. And it’s very scary.”


Cox explained to  The Orange County Register that it didn’t stop there; she said she has received multiple death threats throughout the year since the video was released. In the video she also said Vice President Mike Pence was “one of the most anti-gay people in the country.”


Cox defended her actions by saying she was echoing what others throughout the country were saying and feeling. The college didn’t comment further whether Cox will face disciplinary action.

O’Neil isn’t standing alone; the Republican study body is protesting his reprimand saying he was using his freedom of speech. The president of the student body, Joshua Recalde-Martinez, described Cox’s rant as “indoctrination.”


The group of young Republicans started a hashtag movement #JusticeforCaleb arguing that students are being stripped of their “basic amendment rights.”

Watch the press conference of O’Neil and the Republican student body at the link below.