Pro-Gun Political Ad by Georgia Gubernatorial Candidate Brian Kemp Elicits Massive Backlash

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On Friday, gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp posted a tweet featuring his new political ad. The video features Kemp and a young man who claims to want to date one of Kemp’s three daughters and that he has a “healthy appreciation” for the Second Amendment. The ad sparked controversy, and one television station was flooded with requests to stop running it.

Viewers of 11 Alive, an Atlanta NBC affiliate television station, has been plagued with requests to stop running Kemp’s ad.

“Brian Kemp Governor commercial is very disturbing,” said one viewer, according to a report by 11 Alive.

“I am a conservative who believes in the 2nd amendment but this commercial makes me want to vote for the other side,” said another.

Kemp is running for governor in Georgia, and the ad is viewed as an attempt to secure support from gun owner’s and Second Amendment supporters in the state.

In the tweet Kemp posted, he wrote: “I’m a conservative businessman with a 4-Point Plan to put hardworking Georgians first. I’m a proud father of 3 teenage girls.”

“Here’s the thing,” he continued, “If you want to date one of my daughters, you better have a respect for women & a healthy appreciation for the 2nd Amendment.”

In the video, Kemp is holding a shotgun. While the firearm is “broken” open, making it unable to fire, at the beginning of the video, he later closes it and points it in the direction of the teenage boy, “Jake.”

While some found the video humorous, others were shocked as Kemp appears to threaten the young man with the firearm.

Others believed that the ad promoted negative stereotypes about Georgia.

On Monday, 11 Alive issued a statement, according to a report by the Huffington Post, asserting that the ad can’t be removed since “political broadcasting rules prohibit television stations from refusing or altering political advertising from any legally qualified candidate” based on Federal Communications Commission requirements.

Kemp is one of seven Republican hopefuls aiming to replace Gov. Nathan Deal.