Principal Removes Pro-Gun Student With “Guns Don’t Kill People” Sign During Protest [VIDEO]

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Schools across the nation saw students leave class in droves, Wednesday. The walkouts were meant to protest violence in schools. Some students didn’t walk out. Some of those that did, though, seem to have taken issue with the abstracts rants about firearms and constitutional rights, like this student who held a sign that read “Guns Don’t Kill People, People Kill People.”

The sign wasn’t well received at the National School Walkout in Minnesota. In fact, reports suggest that the student drew the attention of his principal who removed him from the ranks of the student’s peers.

The interpretation is easy enough to understand. If the allegations are true, this student had his First Amendment rights violated by those who want to limit his Second Amendment rights.

“The video was first posted to Facebook by Kenny MacDonald, a student at New Prague High School in New Prague, Minnesota,” The Daily Wire writes. “The short video does not show what took place before or after the principal singled-out the student.”

MacDonald wrote her own account of the events, though.

“Kids at our school today walked out, in honor of the 17 students killed in Florida. Students held signs that said, ‘Arm our teachers’ they had two signs. A student walked out without saying a word peacefully put up his sign which said ‘guns don’t kill people, people kill people’ he was escorted off the property by our principal and threatened to be put into a police car. This violates the first amendment and makes me sick that they can do whatever they want. Please make this go viral.”

It has gone viral, and continues to do so.

“Within a few hours, the video had already been viewed nearly 300,000 times,” DW writes, “shared over 17,000 times, and received thousands of comments from people who expressed anger and disgust over the suppression of free speech and political indoctrination at public schools.”