Presidential Candidate: “God Would Never be a Republican” [VIDEO]

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As the 2020 presidential race begins, candidates reveal issues they want to take on. And while it isn’t uncommon for candidates to attack the incumbent president, it is rare for a candidate to attack an entire political party. Pete Buttigieg brought up several issues on the Today show, but it’s what he said about the Republican party that has garnered all the attention.

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Buttigieg, who is an openly gay Christian, spoke about the hecklers he encounters at his campaign events. It’s “important that we stop seeing religion used as a kind of cudgel, as if God belonged to a political party,” the 37-year-old democratic candidate said.

He went on to add, “And if he [God] did, I can’t imagine it would be the one that sent the current president into the White House.”

Buttigieg has quickly risen in the polls. According to the Daily Mail, “Mayor Pete” trails behind only former Vice President Joe Biden and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders in most polls.

“I think our party is certainly ready to lift up leaders from a new generation,” he said. “The exciting thing is I think this race will create a fair playing field, where people who’ve been in the public sphere for longer than I’ve been alive and people like me get to compete on the basis of our ideas.”

Throughout the interview, Buttigieg was asked how he plans to take on President Trump, given the opportunity. “If you’re playing his game, you’re losing,’ he said Tuesday, reflecting on Trump’s high-decibel, take-no-prisoners style,” he explained.

“Nobody’s going to play his game better than he does, and so we’ve got to do something completely different. The good news is Americans as a rule tend to go for the opposite of whatever they just had in a presidential election.”

Buttigieg spoke about his home life after he married Chasten, his 29-year-old husband. “He’s just an example of somebody who will make a great dad one day. He’s a great husband and he’ll make a great first spouse for this country too,” he said.

“He cares about other people. He’s a teacher. He cares about education, cares about kids. And he’s somebody who I think is really alive to the ways that being in public office can allow you to help other people.”

The Mayor of South Bend, Indiana plans to adopt or use a surrogate in order have children, and he revealed they would do so after the election, regardless of the results of his campaign.