President Trump Stops Motorcade to Thank Some Very Special First Responders [VIDEO]

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While some of Trump’s detractors are busily gathering outside the White House to serenade the Commander-in-Chief with show tunes, President Trump continues to quietly show his gratitude to those who put him in office. This video is one in a growing list of moments from this presidency that weren’t staged or done for publicity.

The video was shot in June. The footage has only recently surfaced, but it is now going viral. In the video, Trump’s motorcade is driving through a gate at what sounds like an airport.

Outside of the gate, a group of firefighters have gathered to watch the cars drive past. They are all decked out in their gear, including oxygen tanks, but the men are standing respectfully in the summer heat.

The President’s limo stops suddenly. It takes a moment for the Secret Service to coordinate their response, but President Trump steps out of The Beast and moves toward the firefighters.

One of them is kneeling and saluting him, but stands as Trump nears. “No he’s not,” one of the men exclaims.

Another says, “no way.”

The men then shake hands.

“Thank you, men.  Thank you,” Trump says.

“That’s awesome,” one remarks. Trump then groups the firefighters together for a photo.

“In these polarized times,” TownHall writes about the video, “President Trump inspires very strong feelings in both directions.  His overall average approval rating sits at roughly (43/53), but most Americans — perhaps aside from the most passionately committed resisters — would certainly approve of the cool and generous scene above.”

“If this had been a contrived photo-op to engender public support, it would have ‘leaked’ immediately.  It didn’t.  The president saw some public servants who risk their lives to protect others and went out of his way to express his appreciation in a simple yet dramatic way.  In doing so, he surprised and delighted them, resulting in a special and memorable encounter.”