President of Brazil Mocks Wife of French President Emmanuel Macron. Initiating Bitter Fued

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As the Amazon Rainforest continues to burn at an alarming rate, two country’s leaders have begun to engage in a bitter war of words and personal attacks. Emmanuel Macron, the French President, has taken issue with Brazil leader Jair Bolsonaro after he began to mock Macron’s wife age and looks on social media.

The cheapshots began after Macron called an emergency meeting by G7 nations to speak on getting a handle on the burning rainforest disaster. Macron explained that he was lied to by Bolsonaro about wanting to fight climate change.

Bolsonaro took issue being criticized on a national stage after Macron tweeted a picture of the rainforest with the caption reading: “Our house is burning. Literally.”

The G7 counties have decided to give $22 million of emergency funds to combat the ever-growing flames, the Daily Mail reported.

This angered Bolsonaro, and in response, he stated Macron had a “colonialist mentality.” The war of words was further exasperated after a Bolsonaro supporter tweeted a picture of Macron’s wife with the caption reading: “Now you understand why Macron is persecuting Bolsonaro?”

Instead of taking the high road, Bolsonaro added figurative fuel to the fire by replying, “Do not humiliate the guy, ha ha.”

When speaking to reporters at the G7 summit in Biarritz, France, Macron expressed his anger towards Bolsonaro as the attacks have turned personal and against his wife.

Accoridng to the Washington Post, Macron hit by back stating: “He said very disrespectful things about my wife, I have great respect for the Brazilian people and can only hope they soon have a president who is up to the job.”

Macron doubled down on his response. “I think Brazilian women will probably be ashamed to read that from their president. I think that Brazilians, who are a great people, will probably be ashamed to see this behaviour. And as I feel friendship and respect towards the Brazilian people, I hope that they will very soon have a president who behaves in the right way.”

Bolsonaro and his administration would not comment if the personal attack from on the original social media post came from the president himself or someone else.