Pregnant Woman Runs Over Man Who Stole Her Purse in Wal-Mart Parking Lot [VIDEO]

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Some people are problem solvers. Take the case of Christine Braswell. The pregnant 26-year-old caught a man stealing her purse in the parking lot of an Asheville, North Carolina Wal-mart. Braswell didn’t want the man to get away, so she jumped in her SUV and ran him down.

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The video of the incident is now going viral. While Braswell’s brand of justice wasn’t celebrated by the Asheville Police, her can-do attitude has won her a myriad of fans.

The man she ran over, Robert Raines, survived being run over by the SUV. He is expected to recover. In prison. Braswell will have to answer for her vigilante actions as well, as she, too, was arrested at the scene.

That hasn’t diminished what she did. Braswell is 5 months pregnant. When she caught Raines stealing from her SUV, she chased him on foot. Pregnant women rarely win foot-races with purse snatchers, so she used the tools she had at hand.

“He was with my purse and he took off and I took off after him,” Braswell explained to ABC news. “Me being five months pregnant, I chased a little ways then come back, jumped in the car, threw it in gear and come across the curb and ran him over.”

“I was not going to let him get away with it. It’s not right, it’s not fair.”

There were plenty of witnesses. Some even tried to intervene before Braswell arrived. But Raines ran. He has been charged with breaking and entering, larceny and misdemeanor damage to property.

Braswell was charged with misdemeanor assault with a deadly weapon.

Will she be able to claim self-defense? It isn’t likely.

Asheville Defense attorney Steve Lindsay weighed in on the matter.

“When you take the law into your own hands, you can get hurt or killed,” said Lindsay. “When something like that happens, rarely is the person who is the victim operating in a cool mind. They are very upset and angry. Once he gets the pocketbook and moves away, she is no longer in jeopardy.”