Police Stop Private Jet Full of Billionaires and Escorts on the Runway for Breaking Quarantine Rules [VIDEO]

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During what is essentially at this point, a near worldwide shutdown on travel and most commerce, there have been lots of people trying to circumvent stay at home or quarantine rules. The latest story though is a bit different and involves a group of armed police and customs agents actually stopping a private jet on a runway.

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Police and customs officers intercepted an Embraer Legacy private jet, that costs over $5,000 an hour to charter, on the runway at Marseille-Provence airport and immediately fined the pilots for violating current lock-down regulations that are in place in France amid the worldwide COVID-18 pandemic.

The passengers of the jet were described as three billionaire businessman who were accompanied by several unidentified women in their twenties who were described as escorts as well as several personal staff members.

The group was planning on taking several helicopters from the airfield to a private luxury villa called Alang, Alang in the French Riviera in the South of France. The group was planning on riding out the remainder of the pandemic in the $62,000/night home.

However French authorities had other plans and, after a three hour standoff, ordered the plane to return to the UK where it departed from.

The occupants of the jet claimed they were in France on important business in regards to a project that would bring nearly 1,000 jobs to the area, but exactly what that project is, was not specified. French authorities maintain that the trip was strictly for pleasure and violated the restrictions in place during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A promotional video for the palatial villa can be seen below:

The following video was taken by one of the passengers of the jet and provided to the Daily Mail: