SWAT Team Raids Home of Sick Child Because Doctor Was Concerned About 100 Degree Fever

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The topic of unvaccinated children has sparked a national debate as recent outbreaks of diseases once thought to have been eradicated have put a new focus on the controversial practice. Unvaccinated children are being barred from entering school and attending events in other public places. But should the government get involved in this matter?

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The Arizona Department of Child Safety and the Chandler Police Department have come under intense scrutiny after home video shows a SWAT team kicking a door down with guns drawn looking for a 2-year-old who had a fever of 100.

To give background context on the matter, the mother of the child took her son to the doctor around dinnertime. The doctor was concerned her son had meningitis as he was unvaccinated.

According to The Blaze, the doctor indicated that she should go to the emergency room. However, when her son’s fever apparently broke and he began playing with his siblings while still at the doctor’s office, she decided to head home instead.

Soon after heading back to the house, the mother called the doctor to inform him that she would not be taking her child to the ER as he seemed to be doing much better. The Daily Mail reported that the mother also indicated that she didn’t want to get into trouble since her child was unvaccinated.

The doctor tried to put her mind at ease by explaining that she wouldn’t be in trouble and that he was looking out for the best interest of the child. Three hours after her follow-up call, the hospital she was supposed to go to told the doctor the mother and child never showed up.

The doctor called the Department of Child Services who then called the local police. ABC News reported officers arrived at the home around 10:30 p.m. only to be turned away by the father who explained his son’s “fever broke and he was fine.”

DCS ordered the police to get a “temporary custody notice” from a judge so they could get the child the medical attention he needed. At 1 a.m. a SWAT team came to the door and ordered the family outside. Refusing to do so, the SWAT team kicked the door down with guns drawn as they walked into the residence.

The children in the home were taken to a nearby foster care facility where they currently remain while DCS looks for suitable homes within the family. After the incident, the family’s attorney express her dismay at the situation. She explained these forced entries should be “reserved for violent criminals.”

Check out the video below.