Police Raid Dying Man’s Hospital Room to Search for Marijuana [VIDEO]

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Medical marijuana has helped a lot of people, especially those who are trying to manage pain from a terminal illness. They simply want to remain pain-free until they leave this earth. Consequently, supporters from various states have pushed to legalize the drug especially for medicinal purposes. But one police department is facing backlash after police raided a cancer patient’s hospital room.

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On March 6th, Nolan Sousley, who is suffering from stage 4 pancreatic cancer, went live on Facebook to show three officers walking into his room, claiming they were called there after complaints of a marijuana smell coming from his room at Citizens Memorial Healthcare in Missouri.

Officers searched Sousley’s belongings in the hopes of finding marijuana. Reluctantly, Sousley tried to explain his situation to officers. According to Sousley, he stopped taking chemo and has opted to live his final days using CBD oils. In fact, he was puzzled that the officers kept claiming they smelled marijuana as he takes the oil in a pill capsule, which has no identifying smell.

“There is no way they could smell it, doc, because I don’t smoke it, I don’t ever use a ground-up plant. It’s an oil I use in a capsule, there’s no smoking it. I take it like a pill,” he explained. He did admit that he took a puff of a marijuana cigarette in the parking lot earlier in the day.

During the search, a nurse can be seen coming into the room and asking officers if they have the right to search his belongings. The officer explained since they were on private property, they were able to.

In November of last year, the state of Missouri overwhelmingly voted in support of medical marijuana, a topic that Sousley brings up to officers. He is immediately shot down by one officer who stated it won’t be legal until July 4th. Sadly, Sousley told the officers he didn’t have that kind of time left.

Throughout the entire process, the officers can be heard repeatedly telling Sousley: ‘If we find marijuana, we’ll give you a citation.” After conducting the search, one officer said, “We’re not taking you down to the county jail. But, we haven’t found marijuana, so we’re not citing.”

According to USA Today, Bolivar Police Chief Mark Webb stated that there have subsequently been physical threats made against the officers in the video, including one death threat. Sousley was more upset by the fact that they searched his bag which included everything he would need in his final days.

“It has my final day things in there and nobody’s going to dig in it,’ he said at one point. ‘It’s my stuff, it’s my final hour stuff is in that bag. It’s my right to have my final — I’m not digging it down here in front of everybody.” The hospital has refused to comment on the story citing policy.