Police Post Pictures of ‘Dangerous’ Weapons Captured in Sweep. Twitter Has a Field Day

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One nation’s capital has become the center of attention after a rash of deadly stabbings caused the city’s murder rate to skyrocket. Local law enforcement agencies have been working to get dangerous weapons off the streets, leading to sweeps and confiscations of potentially dangerous weapons. But one police department’s post about discovered items didn’t go over well on Twitter.

After multiple deadly stabbings, London’s murder rate began to outpace New York City’s, leading law enforcement agencies to start working diligently to get dangerous weapons off the street.

Regents Park Police posted an announcement on Twitter showing a range of items that were found during a “weapon sweep,” stating that the items were “safely disposed and taken off the street.”

However, Twitter users were quick to point out that the “weapons” aren’t really weapons at all. Instead, the pictured items would typically be classified as tools.

The Regents Park Police post garnered over 2,200 comments, many poking fun at the original message.

Multiple users stated that a trip through a “local hardware store” would likely “shock them to their core.”

Others featured images showing what they jokingly classified as an “assault ratchet” and a “fully-automatic assault screwdriver.”

One reply thanked police officers for their “noble efforts,” and that without their hard work, “someone might have reupholstered a chair; or worse, assembled an IKEA wardrobe.”

“Quilter…or Rambo? You decide,” said another, displaying an image of common crafting tools.

Some even questioned whether the account was actually run by law enforcement or was actually a “parody account.”

While most people hoped the post was a bit of satire or an April Fool’s Day prank, even though the original post was not added on April 1, that didn’t appear to be the case.