Police Officers Suspended for Leaking Body Camera Footage of Mayor’s Son Yelling at Cop [VIDEO]

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Privilege comes in many forms. Most of it seems genuinely undeserved, at least to those who are forced to put up with it. And that’s what two officers are currently facing after they leaked body camera footage of an epic tantrum thrown by the son of the town’s mayor. They have been suspended from their regular duties as punishment.

Aurora police officers Paul Timmons and Judy Gurley-Lutkinwere suspended by their department after the pair were found to have leaked body camera footage of Jordan Hancock, the son of Denver’s Mayor Michael Hancock, going on an epic rant after he was pulled over in March.

Hancock threatened the officers and strung together numerous expletives during his outburst.

“Hancock, 22, was pulled over March 23 by an Aurora police officer for going 65 mph in a 50 mph zone,” Fox writes. “Despite reportedly being caught driving without a license, Hancock became belligerent toward Aurora police officer Paul McClendon and began cursing him out.”

When asked why he was so upset, Hancock snapped at McClendon. The officer asked him why he was driving a vehicle registered to the mayor, and Hancock replied, “Because that’s my motherf—ing dad.”

The 22-year-old  was driving without a license. When Officer McClendon said he needed to take a photo of Hancock for driving without a license, Hancock became even more belligerent.

“You ain’t taking my picture,” he said. “B—-, my dad’s the mayor, you f—ing f—–.”

After the incident, the police department investigated the stop. Officer McClendon was cleared of all wrongdoing. The body camera footage supported his version of events, clearly.

Yet McClendon showed the footage to Officer Timmons. He recorded it on his cellphone. The video was then forwarded to another officer, Judy Gurley-Lutkinwere. She, in turn, showed the footage to her husband….

Since the video went viral, Hancock has apologized for his actions. He reportedly paid the $275 speeding ticket he was issued during the stop.

The suspension of the two officers may seem symbolic. After strong public backlash, the suspension turned out to be short: just one day. Yet it is still an injustice that has many upset with the way the Mayor’s son seemed to escape the consequences of his actions.

Here’s the full video of the stop: