Police Officers Make a Splash Demonstrating Their Synchronized Swimming Skills [VIDEO]

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The lighter side of law enforcement? This isn’t something you see everyday. These police officers, dressed in uniform, took to the pool for a full on synchronized swimming routine, all in an effort to promote an upcoming block party planned for later this month. Can you guess which one is the rookie?

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Though they look good for cops, the officers won’t be getting an invitation to try out for the Olympic team.

The five officers shed their vests in the big reveal, and don floral caps, and in they go. The stunt, much more comical than the typical viral videos involving police officers, is going viral online. It is meant to advertise a block party being held for the sheriff’s department, the fire department, and the local police in Arlington, Virginia.

None of the officers have any experience with synchronized swimming. As Fox reports, “they watched a few videos online and took it from there. They came up with their impressive moves on the fly and it took them four separate shoots and several days to get it perfect.”

“So we had to back and jump into the pool like 20 times because it just wasn’t right,” Arlington County Police Sgt. Damon Washington told Fox. “Then a couple other times when I jumped in the pool with the vest on, the vest is more like a weight and it pulled me down. I had to have my other partner Dan or Darryl pull me out of the pool with one of the poles or something so I didn’t drown.”

“It got pretty outrageous and I tell you we had so many takes because we were laughing so hard,” noted Arlington County Police Officer Daniel Gardner. “I think that we are humanizing the badge. We are taking something that people have one perspective of, be it good or bad, and then we are showing them that, ‘Hey, you strip this down, we’re just like you.’”

For those of you lingering around Arlington, this should be a good shindig. The block party is scheduled for Saturday, August 26 between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. at Kenmore Middle School. There festivities will include free food and drinks, a kid zone, helicopter show, police K-9 demonstration, police motor demonstration, distracted driving course and more.

“We put this much effort into promoting our event – come on out because imagine what the event itself is going to be,” said Officer Ben Manning.