Police Officers Find Stolen Van Filled with ‘Heartbreaking’ Discovery

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Early on Thursday morning, police officers tracked down a stolen delivery van that belonged to a bakery. Once they opened the rear of the van, the officers were presented with a “heartbreaking” scene; a cargo area filled with “over 100 discarded donuts without a home,” all of which had to be thrown away.

Redding, California, police officers shared details about the “tragic incident” on Facebook.

“Earlier this morning, Officers located a stolen donut truck parked in a parking lot at Oregon Street and Tehama Street,” wrote the Redding Police Department. “When Officers looked inside, what they found broke their hearts: over 100 discarded donuts without a home.

“Yes, it’s true, we as Officers do have a sweet spot in our hearts for donuts,” the post continued. “I mean, who doesn’t love donuts.”

“Officers conducted an extensive search of the area but could not locate anyone involved in this tragic incident,” the Redding Police Department wrote. “The Officers were heartbroken that all these donuts had to be thrown away.”

The Redding Police Department also shared several pictures with the post, showing officers appearing distraught after making the discovery.

Most Facebook commenters found the post amusing. Others supported the police officers’ sentiment.

One user jokingly asserted that whoever was responsible should be considered “donut killers,” that officers should enlist help from Crime Stoppers, and that the reward for information should be “lifetime donuts.”

According to a report by Fox News, the van had been stolen from Little Maya Bakery, which is located in Vallejo, about 200 miles south of where it was discovered.

Pablo Santos, the bakery owner, said he was making deliveries on Wednesday morning when he walked away from the van for a few minutes, leaving the keys inside the vehicle. When he went back, the van was gone.