Police Officers Find Would-Be Ambush Killer Hiding Behind Tinted Glass [VIDEO]

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Police officers frequently make split-second decisions. Their jobs are mostly mundane, until something bad or tragic occurs, and then they’re called on to solve very immediate problems. The video below illustrates just how quickly a routine encounter can escalate into something much more chaotic.

The Maven is presenting this as an ambush. That may be the case. Regardless of how it began, the incident ended badly for the man who took a shot at the officers.

The incident happened last week, outside of an Extended Stay Hotel in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Tulsa Police Department Gang Unit Officers Chris Beyerl and Shawn Hickey approached the vehicle in the parking lot.

The area is known for heavy drug traffic. One man got out of the vehicle. Another stayed inside.

“Do you stay here?” Officer Hickey asked the man.

“I just got a room,” he replied.

Officer Beyerl tried to communicate with the man in the vehicle, but the man wasn’t going to talk to the officers.

“Hey, how you doing , sir?” Officer Beyerl asked. “You stay out here?”

“No, I’m just dropping him off,” the man said.

“Let me see your hands, partner,” the officer said.

“Hey! Hey!” another voice said from inside the SUV.

Officer Beyerl then saw something that caused him concern. “What do you got?” he asked.

“Hey!” the remaining passenger repeated.

Then the shots were fired.

In a statement after the shooting, Tulsa Police Sergeant Richard Meulenberg said Officer Beyerl  “could see that the front-seat passenger was armed with a gun, and it was pointed at him.”

Officer Beyerl fired several shots into the vehicle. As he backed away, he calmly put in a call on his radio, and then addressed the man who was outside of the vehicle, quickly walking away.

“Get on the ground!” he barked.

“Hands! Let me see your hands right now!” he said to the man in the vehicle.
“Don’t move,” he said to officer Hickey. “He’s still got the gun in his hand!”

26-year-old Albert Odom didn’t fight any more. He had been hit and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Local media outlets noted that Odom was a felon with four active warrants for his arrest at the time of his death.

“Both officers have been placed on paid administrative leave,” The Maven writes, “pending the Tulsa County District Attorney’s investigation into the officer-involved shooting.”