Police Officer Walks into Pizza Place, Tasers Owner’s Son as He Works [VIDEO]

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A veteran police officer is under investigation after he tasered an employee at a pizza place in a seemingly unprovoked incident. The officer’s actions were captured on the restaurant’s CCTV feed, showing Ronald Hough, who has been a cop for 23 years and is part of the city’s motorcycle unit, tasing Dominic Reale, 46, while he was working.

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Reale is the son of Villa Reale Pizzeria and Restaurant’s owner, a location where Hough, a Pittsburgh police officer, had been a regular customer. Donning a work shirt and apron, Reale appears to speak with Hough, who is in uniform, while standing behind a counter.

The officer was standing near a female customer when he pulls his taser, fires it over the woman’s shoulder, and hits Reale in the chest.

Once Reale hit the ground, he appears to struggle for a moment, attempting to pull the probes from his chest. Hough casually walks towards the fallen employee, standing over him, before placing the electrical weapon on a nearby table.

Hough helps Reale to his feet and removes the probes from his chest.

After the incident, according to a report by the Daily Mail, Reale’s attorney, Joel Sansone, stated, “When police officers abuse their power, all of us are in danger.”

Sansone continued, “And so we must exercise our duty as the owners of this republic to monitor and control the conduct of those to whom we give the right to use deadly force.”

“This family is an iconic Pittsburgh small-business family,” Sansone added, “that should not have suffered the abuses that they have suffered at the hands of this misguided public servant.”

Pittsburgh police chief Scott Schubert asserted that the department will be investigating the incident, saying, “I take any complaint seriously. We are going to thoroughly investigate and take appropriate action, either way, with the outcome.”