Police Officer Misses Suspect, Tasers Partner as Arrest Goes Bad [VIDEO]

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Making an arrest can be challenging for law enforcement officers, even bordering on chaotic at times. During an attempt to arrest a suspect, one police officer misjudged the destination of the taser prongs and, instead of just hitting the suspect, ends up firing a prong into his partner. During the tasing, the officer fell, hitting his head against the pavement.

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The incident took place in Riverside, Ohio, with the series of events captured by a body camera and dashcam.

When the officers responded to a domestic violence call on Thanksgiving Day, they believed a man, who was spotted in a vehicle, was involved. After being repeatedly asked to provide ID, the officers decided to take action when the suspect refused to his identification.

Police officers worked to pull the man, identified as Christopher McClinton, from the vehicle and attempted to arrest him. According to the Dayton Daily News, when McClinton refused to cooperate, one of the officers, Darrin Anderson, drew his taser and fired in suspect’s direction while the second officer, Nicholas Toscani, was attempting to restrain McClinton.

While one of the taser prongs did strike McClinton, another hit the other Toscani, who was still attempting to make the arrest.

The officer fell backward onto the ground and hit his head against the pavement.

After a dispatcher received information that an officer was injured, additional officers were sent to the scene.

McClinton, 22, was subsequently arrested on charges of failure to disclose personal information, resisting arrest, and obstructing official business. According to the court records, on Monday, he pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Toscani, who was injured during the encounter, was taken to Soin Medical Center for treatment.