Police Officer Indicted for Murder After Shooting Active Shooter

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In a bizarre twist, a police lieutenant has been indicted for murder after he shot and killed an active shooter who was firing at people indiscriminately. The police lieutenant’s attorney defended his client’s actions by stating he did whatever was necessary to stop a “violent, fleeing felon.” If found guilty, he could face 10 years in prison.

On May 20, the Blackwell Police Department was dispatched to calls of a woman firing shots at people around the Oklahoma town at around 3 a.m. When police arrived on scene, they found Micheal Ann Godsey, a 34-year-old felon, firing her weapon at cars and anyone in the surrounding area.

Once she was aware of the police presence, Godsey forced police into a high-speed chase in their attempt to apprehend her. “She shot at the police twice. She has shot at her mother twice. She has shot at a private citizen. We know she fired other rounds around town,” Gary James, the lawyer for the police lieutenant, told The Oklahoma.

Blackwell Police Lieutenant John Mitchell was finally able to catch up to the shooter and got right behind her. “He took his AR-15 and he started shooting through the front windshield at her,” James explained.

Lt. Mitchell saw the suspect’s head rock violently one way before she careened off into a nearby ditch. As officers approached the vehicle, they discovered Godsey was dead from a gunshot wound to the head.

According to the Associated Press, only one officer was injured during the wild west shootout. Mitchell had recently completed an active shooter training exercise days prior and implemented his training to take down the suspect.

Internal affairs conducted an investigation into the shooting, and found Mitchell used every means necessary to stop the suspect before shooting at her. On Nov. 21, Mitchell was shocked to discover a grand jury had indicted him on second-degree murder charges.

Their reasoning? The grand jury cited Mitchell engaged in “imminently dangerous conduct.” They also stated he shot his weapon over 60 times, which they felt was reckless.

Oklahoma Fraternal Order of Police President Jason Smith gave his full support to Mitchell. “He didn`t wake up that day with the [intent] to take a human life,” Smith said. “It`s the worst thing that he could ever imagine having to do.”