Police Officer Gets Bored During Drug Raid, Starts Doing Flips on a Trampoline [VIDEO]

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From time to time, everyone gets bored at work. However, when you are a law enforcement officer, how you choose to entertain yourself when you are in the middle of a drug raid could be subject to scrutiny. One cop learned this the hard way when he was caught on camera doing flips on a trampoline while on duty.

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The incident took place in Coventry, England, according to a report by Rare. While a drug raid was underway, the officer hopped on a nearby trampoline and decided to squeeze in a lighthearted workout.

A neighbor spotted the officer as he removed his kit belt and began bouncing on the trampoline. At one point, the cop even did a flip, all while other law enforcement officers laughed at his antics.

During the clip, the neighbor who filmed the incident can be heard saying, “This is what you pay your taxes for.”

“I can’t f***ing believe it.”

Not everyone was amused by the video after it made its way onto social media, particularly since the trampoline fun happened while a drug raid was in progress.

“Not doing their jobs police officer jumps up and down on a trampoline,” said one Twitter user who posted a portion of the video.

The West Midlands Police Department did confirm that an investigation is underway, stating that the cop “appears to have fallen short of high standards.”

The officer in the video was one of four cops investigating the home on Friday.