Police Officer Attempts to “Demonstrate” Grenade in Court. Multiple People Injured.

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You would think someone as well trained as a counter terrorism law enforcement officer would know better than to take any chances with explosives, especially in a court of all places, but apparently you’d be surprised.

A counter terrorism officer injured himself and several others inside of a Karachi, Pakistan court room while attempting to show the court how a grenade works.

According to the Middle Eastern news outlet Ary News:

A police officer, who was representing his department, pull the pin on a grenade thinking it wont work. The judge immediately interrupted asking if it could be exploded.

The cop replied, ” No it wont. And in the meanwhile, the grenade went off, sending the entire courtroom into panic and shock.

According to sources, the grenade, which was recovered from a terrorist, had not been defused before bringing to the court.

The officer was the most severely injured. Others suffered only minor injuries. All parties are expected to recover fully.