Police K9 Killed on Christmas Saving Deputies Lives

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Sheriff’s deputies don’t leave their work at the office and go home for Christmas, like some of us. When they are called, they go. This Christmas will be remembered by one team who answered the call, and got to go home, thanks to their K9, a German Shepherd named Cigo, who gave his life protecting his handlers.

Cigo was shot by a Latin Kings gang member in the parking lot of the Mall at Wellington Green in Wellington, Florida on Christmas eve.

The three-year-old had been with the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office for a year. He pursued the suspect who was wanted on suspicion of first degree murder. During the chase, the man shot Cigo.

The dog was taken to an emergency veterinarian clinic, but he didn’t survive.

“In an emotional video posted with the caption ‘RIP K9 Cigo’ to the PBSO Facebook¬†page, sheriff’s deputies can be seen lining up outside the veterinary hospital waiting for the body of the fallen K9 as Cigo’s handler hugs his fellow officers,” Daily Mail writes.

The PBSO had attempted to detain several suspects in the parking lot. One of the group had been identified as a gang member.

“One of them is a known gang member with the Latin Kings and the person that we were the most interested in,” said Palm Beach Sheriff Ric Bradshaw.

19-year-old Justin Vazquez surrendered. 28-year-old Giovany Ramos Alvarez did not. He ran.

Cigo chased him down. During the pursuit, he was shot at least once, but still caught the man.A gun fight ensued as the PBSO deputies returned fire on the suspect who was wrestling Cigo.

The suspect is now in critical condition at a local hospital. The gun with which he shot Cigo and fired on officers is a .45. It is believed to be the same gun that was used in a murder earlier in December.

“As it stands now, we got two very dangerous people off the street,” Sheriff Bradshaw said. “Unfortunately it took the life of one of our dogs, but he did his job, he saved the lives of the deputies.”

“Sheriff Bradshaw believes that the dog bearing down on the shooter had kept him wildly shooting at the K9 and from focusing on the deputies thereby protecting them,” DM adds.

The dog did his job, and allowed the deputies to do theirs. And to go home. His sacrifice won’t be forgotten.