Police Impersonator Realizes He Screwed Up When the Guy He Pulled Over Shows Him a Badge

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Marcos Pacheco-Bustamante was taken into custody after attempting to pull over Miami-Dade Police Officer Alton Martin. Officer Martin was driving on northbound I-95 in an unmarked police vehicle when a Ford Crown Victoria driven by Pacheco-Bustamante changed lanes and activated police sirens behind him. He changed lanes, but Pacheco-Bustamante continued his pursuit until Officer Martin decided to pull over.


As reported by WSVN 7 News, Officer Martin initially believed he was being pulled over by a fellow police officer, leading him to stop on the shoulder of the roadway. Once Martin exited the vehicle, he realized that the person operating the green Ford Crown Victoria was not an officer, but a police impersonator. He then immediately called into the station.


Detective Jennifer Capote, speaking in regards to the incident, said, “[Martin] gets out of his vehicle while he’s in full uniform,” continuing, “so now he approaches the Crown Victoria and realizes this guy – there’s something wrong. He doesn’t look like a cop, so he immediately takes this gentleman into custody.”


After Officer Martin had called for backup, investigators searched the fraudulent police vehicle. During the investigation, they discovered a BB gun that resembled a real firearm. When describing the BB gun, Capote said, “This gun looks very real.” She continued, “I mean, [the BB gun] clearly could be mistaken for a real gun.”

A holster and a blue light similar to those used on police vehicles were also found in the vehicle.


Pacheco-Bustamante was interviewed by Miami-Dade Police Department Robbery Bureau detectives after his arrest, confessing to using the sirens and pursuing Officer Martin. He continued that he had activated the sirens in the past when he had observed drivers speeding or texting.

Capote said, “Definitely makes notification to the detectives that, yes, he’s done this in the past, that he doesn’t like it when people are texting, that he doesn’t like when people are speeding.” She further stated that Miami-Dade Police Department is looking for additional information from victims as the detectives don’t know “what happens when he attempts to make a stop.”


Pacheco-Bustamante was booked into jail after being charged with impersonating a police officer, though he is not currently being held in custody.

Members of the community, including victims and witnesses, have been encouraged to come forward with information regarding any illicit traffic stops.