Police Hunt Road Rage Driver Who Killed 18 Yr Old Girl With Single Gunshot to the Head for Merging on Highway [VIDEO]

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Pennsylvania police have launched a three-state manhunt for a white male in his 30’s to 40’s driving a red pickup truck for his part in a road rage incident which resulted in the death of an 18-year-old recent high school graduate. The family wants closure and has asked the killer to come forward.

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Bianca Nikol Roberson was coming home from the mall after shopping with her mother and grandmother for new clothes for college. The trio went their separate ways from the mall, each leaving in their own car. It would be the last time they would see Roberson alive.

According to NBC 10, Roberson was driving home on the interstate Wednesday when she and another car merged into the same lane almost clipping each other. The other driver, a man driving a red Chevrolet pickup truck with faded paint, became enraged at Roberson as the two jostled for position on the road.

As the two barreled down the interstate, the truck’s driver pulled a handgun and shot in the direction of Roberson’s car. According to the police report, Roberson was struck in the head by one of the bullets. Her car then proceeded to drift off the road and into a nearby forest.

Paramedics tried to revive Roberson at the scene but were unsuccessful. Initially, police thought that Roberson had lost control of her vehicle and spun off the road, but surveillance footage from a nearby traffic camera recorded what had actually transpired.

Witnesses at the scene told officers that the man drove off at a high rate of speed after the incident. “This was a totally random, senseless act of violence,” District Attorney Thomas Hogan said. Hogan asked for assistance from the public in identifying the suspect and his vehicle.

“She was a good girl, honor roll student, looking forward to going to college,” her father, Rodney Roberson, explained. Her brother said she was “headed for greatness.”