Police Force Man to Decapitate His Dog With Kitchen Knife After They Shot it Dead [VIDEO]

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According to media reports the Crawford County, GA Sheriff’s Office is going to have a lot of questions to answer after two of their deputies reportedly ordered a man to decapitate his own dog with a kitchen knife after it was shot dead by officers in order to test the animal for rabies.

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Joe Goodwin received a call last Friday telling him that his dog Big Boy had allegedly bitten a neighbor and when sheriff’s deputies responded, they shot the animal, saying that the dog had lunged at one of the deputies.

Goodwin was obviously distraught at the idea that his family pet may have hurt someone and had been shot, but little did he know the nightmare of this ordeal was just getting started. According to a local media report, the officers on scene then ordered Goodwin to comply with a bizarre demand:

When he arrived home, Goodwin says, he says he recorded videos of his argument with the Crawford County investigator.

In part of the video, a man who identified himself as investigator James Hollis said, “We’re asking you to remove the dog’s head and you’re refusing, right?”

Hollis told him he had to remove his dog’s head to test it for rabies — or go to jail. Goodwin says he refused at first — but obeyed the officer.

“I removed my dog’s head and I put it in some Kroger bag and I showed the officer, ‘Here’s the head, this is what you wanted, right?’”, said Goodwin.

In the video, (which we will not post here in its entirety due to its graphic nature) a distraught Goodwin hacks and saws at his dog’s body with a small kitchen knife until he is able to remove the animal’s head.

The following video is part of alonger video showing Deputy Hollis telling Goodwin to that he could be arrested for refusing to comply with the order to behead his dog:

‘I don’t think anyone should be forced to do what I had to do to their own animal,’ he later added to 13WMAZ, breaking down in tears, ‘I am sick to my stomach.
‘I can’t get that scene out of my head.’

Local media requests for documentation, reports and media from the scene of the accident have not yet been returned by the sheriff’s office as they say they are still investigating the issue.

Many animal rights proponents and sympathizers on social media are calling for the law enforcement officers in the video to be immediately fired.

Goodwin detailed the encounter for a local news outlet in a televised interview: