Police Find WW2 Veteran Stranded on the Side of the Road. Their Response is Pure America

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Jeremy Upham posted a heartwarming story on his Facebook page after local police officers went above and beyond the call of duty to help the 97-year-old WWII veteran out. Sgt. Mike Gracie stated they were responding to a disabled vehicle call, found the veteran, whose car had a flat tire, and decided to do more than just install the spare.

As reported by KVOA, law enforcement officials found out that money was tight for Dick Bristol, the veteran, and all of his tires were in bad shape, leading to one going flat as he was driving.

According to Gracie, Bristol had “attempted to use their AAA benefits, but AAA was unable to respond.”

Gracie, along with Officer Brandon Johnson and Officer Kevin Larter, changed Bristol’s tire, putting his spare in place of the one that went flat.

“We jacked up his car and put the tire on it. But, while talking to him, he was a little opposed to going to get a new tire, even though we advised him those spare tires are only good for about 50 miles,” said Gracie.

Instead of driving away, the three officers escorted Bristol to an area tire store.

According to ABC 15, Upham was at the local tire store in Oro Valley, Arizona, when three Oro Valley police officers arrived with Bristol.

Upham and Gracie, one of the responding officers, knew each other and started chatting. During the discussion, Upham learned of the veteran’s plight and what the local law enforcement officers were doing to help out.

According to Upham’s Facebook post, “The squad all came together and bought new tires for this gentleman’s car. The officers were incredibly humble and said ‘hey, we gotta take care of each other right.’

“These selfless acts of kindness happen every day in law enforcement.”

Upham continued, “Take care of your law enforcement officers; they certainly take care of you and your loved ones!”

Gracie said, “You don’t meet WWII veterans very regularly,” continuing, “We can’t repay people like that. The most we can hope for is to show some gratitude.”

The Oro Valley Police Department also shared the story on social media, saying, “We will take a second to brag on one of our squads (much to their dismay.) Sgt. Gracie and squad four went above and beyond to help this man. It’s easy to forget that police officers across the country do things like this everyday and more.”

Bristol stated he was thankful for the tires, adding, “It’s nice to know that it is secure.”