Police Department Says Car Crash Was Result of ‘Bird Box Challenge’ as Driver Drove with Eyes Covered

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Bird Box, the popular Netflix original movie, has spawned a viral challenge based on the movie’s premise. The film focuses on a mysterious force that, when seen, causes the person to kill themselves. As a result, the characters have to try and navigate the world without seeing the force, leading them don blindfolds when outside of their homes.

Bird Box was released on December 13 of last year. Not long after the film became available, a viral challenge emerged that was inspired by the film’s premise. The challenge focused on how the characters were required to wear blindfolds as they tried to navigate the world and avoid seeing the force that would lead them to commit suicide.

Some challenge participants attempt to get through an entire day while blindfolded, usually while accompanied by another person who can handle activities that genuinely require vision.

Others strive to complete simple daily tasks, like pouring a beverage or checking the mail.

However, according to a report by WNEP, police officers in Layton, Utah, are now saying that a car crash was caused by a driver who was taking part in the Bird Box challenge.

In a tweet, which included two images of the vehicles involved in the accident, the department said, “Bird Box Challenge while driving…predictable result. This happened on Monday as a result of the driver covering her eyes while driving on Layton Parkway.”

“Luckily no injuries,” the Layton Police added.

Videos of challenge participants are plentiful on social media, especially YouTube.

While some seem to take precautions while attempting to navigate the world blindfolded or opt for activities that pose little risk, others try to handle tasks that are obviously dangerous to take on without being able to see, like operating a riding lawn mower.

Netflix has even gone as far as to warn people not to participate in the challenge based on the potential dangers.

Even with a warning, many people seem to be undeterred, as new videos continue to pop up online.